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Pillow talk & slander

Man, we don't want much
We just want what belong to us
Man, we ain't greedy, we hustlers, nigga

If I could talk to the old me, I'd tell him watch these hoes
And them niggas gon' rat, delete them numbers out your phone
I left Ashland at FCI, met a plug and then got on
I could have made my brother rich, that nigga died 'fore I got home

I got the aura of a boss, ask niggas, they know my body
I'm on MSNBC talking politics with Ari
Ate sardines out the can, my birthdays ain't have a party (None)
So apologize for what? I'm too rich to say sorry
Wrote a letter to the streets, addressed it Whom It May Concern
Everybody can't go, and that shit I had to learn (I had to learn)
I be back on my bullshit when the beef get confirmed (Confirmed)
I lay on a nigga like Katt Williams' perm

Walk the path of a king, first I saw it in my dreams
Now it's happening, ayo, Hit, we got these niggas
'Cause everytime I drive, the hood telling me
The streets is back again, one, two, three

If I could talk to the old me, I'd tell him watch these hoes
And them niggas gon' rat, delete them numbers out your phone
I left Ashland at FCI, met a plug and then got on
I could have made my brother rich, that nigga died 'fore I got home

Yeah, the streets dead, can't a soul save them, huh (Nah)
You just a rapper, that's a bold statement (Oh, yeah)
I watched a kingpin lose and that shit fucked with my mind
I was looking up to him before my faith was in God, yeah
Take you on a ride to small towns, you get much more
First you cut class, jump off the porch, now you cut dope (For real)
Identity sealed behind that mans 'cause he cutthroat
She put somethin' in her baggie, somethin' in her purse so I don't trust hoes
I usually judge these niggas by the taste of they watch
And then the pandemic hit, that started fakin' me out
Yeah, I said "Fuck college," went straight to the block
No witnesses, better chances, guess it's safe at the top because it's lonely

If I could talk to the old me, I'd tell him watch these hoes (Watch 'em)
And them niggas gon' rat, delete them numbers out your phone
I left Ashland at FCI, met a plug and then got on (Uh-huh)
I could have made my brother rich, that nigga died 'fore I got home

Niggas from the sandbox turn into your rivals (Yeah)
'Cause they watch you put the work in, then they feel entitled (Yup)
Pillow talk and slander but they don't wanna try you (Nah)
It's about what I could teach you, not what I could buy you (Woo)
What I'm capable of doing is the only thing that scares me (That's it)
I'd have told the old me, "Don't even let them near me" (Uh-uh)
Something 'bout the rush, you just can't get enough of it (Woo)
Named on indictments with niggas you don't hustle with (Uh)
They just love to tell it (Yeah), I just love to sell it (Uh)
Shit so strong it's still wrapped and you could smell it (Smell it)
Sitting in the spot with the work and the gun out (Fssh)
At the end, the true colors always gon' come out, real shit

If I could talk to the old me, I'd tell him watch these hoes
And them niggas gon' rat, delete them numbers out your phone
I left Ashland at FCI, met a plug and then got on
I could have made my brother rich, that nigga died 'fore I got home

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